Advanced Cuts

One Color Process and CutWS Color and Cut 1Our client wanted a totally new look, her hair was down to the middle of her back and it was dark brown. After evaluation and consultation we calculated a formula to achieve this desired color. Then we talked about a new haircut and decided that this would fit her facial features and her busy lifestyle. The Stylist gave her a bob with layers, then blew dry her hair and flat ironed it into style.

Look at the body and the movement in the picture, it was all created with this particular cut and color. At night, she will have to wrap her hair in order to wake up still looking good and also wear a plastic  shower cap while showering. This is the key to making her customized color and cut last, as well as returning to the Salon in 6-8 weeks for color re-touch and a trim. Her “At Home Hair Care Regimen” will consist of shampooing with Influance It’s Natural Organic Shampoo and Conditioner.

WS Molly Client had us cut more than 10 inches of her healthy hair to achieve this style and donate 10 inches of it to “Locs of Love”. This is not her first time cutting her hair to share! We used “Twist and Define” to give her natural curls a bit of hold and moisture. She will then use a mosturizer during the week to maintain her new look.