Kinky/Curly/Wavy/Back to Natural and that no-no word…….Nappy Hair!

Here at SEUHS we cater to all textures and we are not afraid of the kinkiest, curliest, waviest, back to natural and that no-no word… nappiest hair. We love a challenge and also would love to teach you how to care for your or your child’s hair. Our one on one evaluation and consultation will help us to get to know you and how you are caring for your hair. Just having an open mind and receiving the information given to you will make it a bit easier to manage. Sometimes, we do make things, a bit harder than they are but with some gentle coaching we will get you on the right path.

We welcome the Do-it-yourselfers, YouTubers, Blog followers, product junkies, clients who makes their own product, clients who shop in the store for their products and at that, buy product that are not for their hair type but someone else’s. We want to help you, we want to make your haircare regimen as simple as possible. Some will have to take a bit more time and effort but it will all be worth it. Our goal is to assist you to get “your hair and scalp the healthiest, your hair and scalp can be”!

We will address any questions, concerns, products, myths and truths and we will help you sort them out. You may not need to do all you do, you may need to add something, take something out, get a wider tooth comb, see a Trichologist, see your Doctor, check the side effects of your medication, see if your iron is low, stop using your conditioner as a cleansing agent when it’s NOT, get a smaller tooth comb or… (the dreaded word to most but the most needed for healthy hair and essential for growth) a trim or a cut.

We provide a comfortable, safe place for you to talk about your concerns and not be judged type of environment. Things will change, if you work to change them. But kinky, curly, wavy, back to natural and that no-no word nappy hair takes some time and effort. It is necessary for clients to know that everyone’s growth cycle (pace) is different and everyone’s hair strands grows, rests and falls out. Also, check your families history of hair issues/concerns because some things are genetic. You can re-grow, slow down or contain a hair and/or scalp issue and it all depends on your Hair and Health Story.