Style & Cut

-Be sure to remove & thoroughly comb out all previous styles prior to arrival.
- There may be an additional fee depending on length & density.
In-Salon/One on One Consultation (Up to 45 min.)78
Virtual Private/One on One Consultation
(Up to 45 min.)
*Clipper Cut 65
*Great Hair Reconstructing System/Lisse Design Keratin Therapy297+
*Clipper Cut w/ Product Application78+
*Shampoo & Product Application78+
*Shampoo/Blow Dry/Silk Press93+
*Shampoo/Blow Dry/No Styling/Trim or Cut 103+
*Shampoo/Blow Dry/Trim or Cut/Product Application129+
*Shampoo/Blow Dry/No Styling (No Round Brush/Flat Iron)78+
*Roller Set93+
*Rod Set 161+
*Re-Touch Relaxer w/ Silk Press or Roller Set187+
*Full Relaxer w/ Silk Press or Roller Set237+
*Permanent Wave Systems287+

Hair & Scalp Rebuilders

Scalp Rebalance Exfoliating Scrub47

Special Effects

All new or returning Clients require a "color patch allergy test" at least 48 hrs. prior to booked service
Root Re-Touch Color—Gloss/Semi/Demi/Single Process/Decolorize103+
Single Process Color—Gloss/Semi/Demi/Single Process/Decolorize157+
Partial Foil (Does not include Toning)169+
Partial Foil (Includes Toning)221+
Full Foil (Does not include Toning)197+
Full Foil (Includes Toning)297+
Ombre'/Baylayage (Does not include Toning)167+
Ombre'/Baylayage (Includes Toning)223+
Artistic Creative Coloring (Consultation required for Quote)

Creative Natural Hair Design

*Cornrows/Flat Twists—Basic Straight Back Style113+
*Cornrows/Flat Twists w/ Product Application113+
*Cornrows/Flat Twists w/ Creative Natural Styling137+
*Cornrows/Flat Twists w/ 2 Strand Twists187+

* Includes a shampoo
+ There may be an additional fee depending on length and density.
We do not remove weave unless you had the service done here at Simply Erinn’s.