WS ChildHere we have a creative, protective, natural style. The child’s parents wanted her hair in a style that would last 1 to 2 weeks. She had her hair shampooed, conditioned, blown dry, ends cut (which makes it easier for the client to handle at home) cornrowed and french braided into 2 braids. The Stylist used Influance It’s Natural Twist and Lock Gel while braiding to help the cornrows last. This intricate style will keep as long as the child is wearing a satin bonnet, a My Crowning Jewel or a 100% silk scarf to bed. This will protect it from the cotton pillow case from absorbing her moisture and messing up her hair style while sleeping.

She will also wear a shower cap in the shower or while taking a bath to keep it from getting wet and this will allow the style to have longevity. Spraying the hair with Influance Oil Sheen and Conditoning Spray a couple times per week, will assure that her hair is moisturized and conditioned. If these few things are done, I can assure that this style still will look just as good on day 14 as it did when it was first done.