Pre-lighten and toned, natural hair

WS ColorOur client wanted to have her hair lightened and her hair was naturally a medium brown color. She was chemical free, so it made it possible for us to achieve her desired color. After consulting and evaluating her hair, we then looked at where she was (her hair) and where she wanted to be and devised a formula. After de-pigmatizing her hair and selecting a suitable toner, we then achieved this beautiful color.

I saw her a few months later only to be happy with the fact that her hair is still healthy. She is taking care of it with the “At Home Hair-Care Regimen” that we devised which caters to each client’s specific needs. The client will use our Influance “It’s Natural Organic Shampoo and Conditioner” at home to ensure that her hair stays healthy, as well as get her ends trimmed every 6-8 weeks