Relaxed hair, shampooed, blown dry, cut and flat ironed

the-real-fixerClient came in fearful about losing length but as you can see her ends were in desperate need of being cut. She has not had a cut or trim in a very long time, hair was shedding and breaking. We used Influance’s shampoo, Proplex Reconstructor and follow it up with Hydrating Conditioner. We then lightly sprayed her hair with Leave in Conditioner and Moisture Lock with Shea Butter (for moisture and protection), blew it dry, cut about 2 inches (which will promote growth) and flat ironed her hair into style.

I asked her prior to cutting to run her fingers through her hair to feel the difference of the mid-shaft of her hair and the ends……………….rough! Then when we cut her ends I had her run her fingers through it again and she immediately felt the difference. Split ends do nothing for us but create more hair care problems.

Now we have a client that “seeing is believing” has been her motto and is now a believer. She will now be back every 6-8 weeks for a routine trim and a Proplex Reconstructor so that it will help with keeping her hair and scalp healthy.