Single Braids with Extensions

WS Single BraidsClient received single braids with extensions, this service normally can take 6-10 hours depending on size of braid, length and/or density. It can be left in no longer than 6-8 weeks because client does not want to leave hair in stressful style too long. While wearing this style the client will shampoo her hair and scalp (at least every 2 weeks) and properly dry.

If she is not able to do it herself or come to SEUHS to get her hair and scalp shampooed and properly dried, she will use Influance’s Skin and Scalp Antiseptic on the scalp. This product helps to remove any anti-bacterial or anti-fungal properties from the scalp. Then she will lightly moisturize the scalp during the week with the recommended styling aid (nothing heavy). She will not repeat this braided style right after taking these braids out for fear of “Traction Alopecia”, she will give her scalp and hair the recommended rest.